About us

La Calandrini was founded as a factory of religious articles in the late '70s by the will of the founder Mario Busi, who, upsetting his activity of paper industry until then practiced threw himself, with the entrepreneurial courage that has always distinguished him, in this new product sector foreseeing a strong development and a pool of potential Customers far larger than what one could have imagined at a first glance.

Interior of the building

His choice was to put on the market a whole series of articles that combine the practicality of daily use with a quality / price ratio accessible to the greatest possible number of people, not only addressing the high end of the market but rather to those looking for and he wanted an economic but dignified article.

This particular feature, production of excellent quality combined with a serious control of costs, has led our company to an exceptional and constant development over time, placing it as the undisputed leader in the world and example to follow in our particular sector.

Product detail

The recent purchase of the new and large premises with the transfer in this of the various production units, previously located separately, must be seen with this view that has always characterized us: maximum commitment and seriousness to give our customers the certainty that a Calandrini product In addition to being guaranteed, it is also the result of serious and meticulous work, where nothing is left to chance and where, instead of systematically copying articles already on the market, we are still searching for the correctness that has always characterized us, the originality of shapes, materials and innovative technologies.

The plant is spread over an area of 4,000 square meters, allowing to contain all processes, from the treatment of raw materials to shipping, under constant control.

The warehouse allows you to cram stocks of semi-finished products, to have always available, as far as possible, all the items in the catalog. The mechanical workshop offers us the possibility, in addition to producing the catalog items, to make changes to the customer's request for normal production. Our processes are mainly concentrated on brass and bronze, seminoble materials that allow more than dignified finishes.

The plant counts on two fundamental departments, in addition to normal drawing and turning: welding, always and only performed with silver, and the cleaning of metals, an essential and delicate operation that every brass object must undergo before any galvanic treatment.

Products processing

The galvanic baths inside the factory, allow us an immediate fulfillment of orders and an assortment of finishes at the discretion of the customer. We have 24 kt pure gold baths, both glossy and opaque, palladium similar to resistant to natural air oxidation, shiny and opaque nickel, and finally an aging bath that gives the brass objects the characteristic patina of the antiquing.

We design and personally take care of every object of ours in its shapes and finishes.

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