Applique 800 - 2 arms

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From 90,00 to 108,00 VAT escl.

serie of baroque 1700/1800 style appliques. we used 1st quality material, mergers and brass prints
made in Italy. we propose refinement according to individual need, in gold or nickel, for the same price.
we usually supply appliques with a 2 cm diam. candlestick, but other measures are avaiable too, till
of 5 cm. we can supply appliques with IM1 electric plant, grounding system and mignon lamp holder
(please specify Art.../E)
We recommend to use bulbs (not included with an absorption <40W.
on request we can provide art. 306 or 307.
In every picture is shown the electric plant with the trembling light bulbs 307

Art. 1165 - 1165 / E
800 wall lamp with 2 arms - Height 24.5 cm. depth 16

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