From 300,00 to 330,00 VAT escl.

This product has been designed to contrast
the proliferation of harmful bacteria that could be present inside traditional Holy Water font.
With this system the risk is reduced without giving up the classic ritual of the sign of the Cross.

Just put your fingers under the indicated sensor,
to receive a small amount of Blessed Water on them.

It works on batteries (four ½ torch) and guarantees approx
20,000 cycles before replacement, which is requested through a red LED.
The dispenser tank is made of sturdy abs and contains 1200 cc of water,
to which any antibacterial can be added, and it is sufficient for c / a 1500 deliveries.

The shell is entirely in gold anodized aluminum.
It is supplied with batteries, dispenser opening key and 4 plugs with screws for fixing.

The cover is bayonet, the protection net in the tray is in stainless steel.
The mother structure measures cm. 50 in height, 20 in width and 12 in depth.

The collection tray must be fixed at least 40 cm. under the sensor,
to correctly read the presence of the hand, and measures 20 x 12 x 3 cm

Customizable writing on request.

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