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Myrrh is the secretion of a plant of the Burseraceae family, the "commyphora myrra".
It grows in Kenya, Yemen and Ethiopia. It is from this last country that our product comes.
We believe it is the best for burning and liturgical use, mixed with other incense or alone.
If its pieces are burned alone sure enough it releases an unmistakable sour, strong and at the same time delicate aroma; if you choose the pebbles,
burned together with the normal incense, you’ll enjoy a fragrance which will remember you the ancient Monasteries

COD: 1704

Myrrh pebbles, bulk to kg.

COD: 1705

loose large pieces of myrrh (kg)

COD: 1706

Chunks of myrrh pack of 500 grams

COD: 1707

Tears of Mirra Pack of 500 grams

the loose product in nylon bags till 10kg. Greater quantities in jute sacks.

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