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Article date: 11 March 2019

A simple guide that will help you complete your orders on our new e-commerce

Calandrini welcomes you to the new website Read this guide that will help you complete your orders on the new e-commerce.

Step 1, Registration / Log-in:

To purchase on our site you must have an account approved by our staff. If you are already a registered customer, you will only need to log in. Click on the top left (desktop version) on the item account.

Step 2, login-request registration

If you are already a registered and approved customer, just enter your credentials and click on come in to access, otherwise click on the entry sign in to provide us with your data to be verified.

Step 3, account management panel:

Once logged in you will find yourself in the account management panel with all available options.

Step 4, select the products:

Select each product you wish to order by specifying the quantity and finish through the appropriate menus (the product in the photo is only an example). Click on "Add to Cart".

Step 5: Cart - complete order

Once you have selected all the products you wish to purchase, access the cart to view the shopping details and view the order summary. If everything is in order, click on the "conclude the order".

Step 6, payment:

Once done step 5, verify that the shipping and billing addresses are correct. If everything is correct select the desired payment method. You can choose from yours default method (already registered customers who have already placed orders) e payment on delivery (cash on delivery). Click then on place order.

Search for products

Do you want to quickly search for products by name or code? Write what you are looking for in the box at the bottom right of the footer (desktop version). Click sending and you will be shown all the related results.

The whole site is available in both desktop and mobile, each step shown in this guide is easily reproducible from smartphones and tablets.

Buying guide on
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