Liquid wax candles-pvc bar Ø 6cm

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From 12,00 to 66,00 VAT escl.

These items DO NOT include cartridge

Art. 171 Fake Candle Ø6x20 cm.
Art. 172 Fake Candle Ø6x25 cm.
Art. 173 Fake Candle Ø6x30 cm.
Art. 174 Fake Candle Ø6x40 cm.
Art. 175 Fake Candle Ø6x50 cm.
Art. 176 Fake Candle Ø6x60 cm.
Art. 177 Fake Candle Ø6x80 cm.
Art. 178 Fake Candle Ø6x100 cm.
Art. 179 Fake Candle Ø6x120 cm.
Art. 139 Fake Candle Ø6x150 cm.

Custom measures not included in the list are feasible.

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