Leatherette case with button closure

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Art. 1731 Liturgy of the Hours 4 volumes 18.4x11h 5 cm.

Art. 1732 Jerusalem Bible Custody 19.7x13 h 6 cm.

Art. 1734 Liturgy of the Hours Custody - Vatican single volume 16.7x11 h 4.7 cm.

Art. 1735 Festive / Weekday Message San Paolo 19.3x11.3 h 5.5 cm.

Art. 1736 Messalino Dehonian Editions Bologna 15.3x11 h 4.7 cm.

Art. 1737 LDC festive message 18.5x11.7 h 3.5 cm.

Art. 1738 Messalino LDC weekdays 18.5x11.7 h 5.5 cm.

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