Olibano of Natural Jeddah

From 20,00 to 108,00 VAT escl.

COD: 709, 1703, 1709

Olibanum of Jeddah
Jeddah, an ancient city now in Saudi Arabia, a seaport, was famous in the most ancient times
for the export of spices, aromas, incense and candle wax.
The procedures for preparing incenses with an unmistakable and exceptionally gentle aroma were secret.
Even with all the difficulties of finding the ingredients, with the help of the usual passionate friend and manuscripts
and mouse of lost libraries we have taken away a secret, the preparation of incense for the first deacons of the Christian era.
The grains of incense, crushed, if too large, are impregnated with resinous styrene, to each grain, made so rubbery
Cascarilla leaf powder, Benzoin rubber, Arabica and other spices are adhered to.
The greasiness that remains in the grain facilitates ignition.
We trust that we have recreated an absolutely natural product, but different from any other.
We proudly call it Olibano di Gedda which is a justified reminder of the ancient roots of this product.

COD: 709 Olibanum pack 500 grams, pack of 6 pcs.
COD: 1703: Bulk Olibanum package per kg.
COD: 1709 Olibanum pack 100 grams, pack of 12

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