The new Calandrini website is online

Article date: 9 May 2022 gets a new look, visit our renewed website and discover a new browsing experience

The Calandrini site is renewed in style and functionality. The update of guarantees a new browsing experience that is faster, simpler and more intuitive. The colors have been updated with a new color combination, the style has been made more minimal to make you find what you are looking for immediately. The home page will immediately focus on our products and important messages, nothing superfluous will distract you from your navigation.

The mobile experience is now even more effective. Opening from your smartphone you will immediately notice the simplicity and lightness of an app with the experience of a complete website. Switching between languages is even faster as is browsing your personal profile. We also created a page in which you can report suggestions and / or any technical problems. We consider your user experience to be very important.

The main menu now also focuses on news. Communication is important, fundamental. Now you can receive all the updates on our company even more punctually, from technical news to news regarding products, fairs and events

Good surfing!

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